Global Training Committee Position

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong desire to see our members grow through the dissemination of technical knowledge by fostering outstanding Global Training Courses.
  • Prefer experience as a section officer.
  • Prefer past involvement as instructor or educator, a plus but not required.
  • Understanding of instructional designed education and/or section education a plus but not required.
  • Understanding of learning outcomes and evaluation processes.

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Work with staff to review course materials.
  • Assist in identifying potential instructors and selecting topical areas for new courses.
  • Review proposals of instructors for Global Training Courses.
  • Recommend industry experts to assist with review of course material.
  • Support and follow through with peer vetting process to ensure timeliness to market of training courses.
  • Represent the needs and views of the technical disciplines.
  • Provide leads and feedback on instructors and pertinent topics.
  • Select training courses for SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) as dictated by member needs and market conditions.

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend at least one face-to-face meeting during tenure. These are usually held at SPE’s Annual Meeting and Technical Exhibition and/or OTC.
  • Participate in a minimum of three conference calls per year.
  • Committee members can expect to spend about six (6) hours per month on the various committee activities.

About the committee


The committee provides oversight and guidance on SPE’s global training initiatives. The committee is responsible for carrying out the policies of the SPE Board and Finance and Administration Committee with regard to SPE global training programs. The committee may recommend modifications to global training policy and programs to improve overall performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.


The committee consists of twelve members. The chairperson and members are appointed by the President-Elect. The Chairperson is normally selected from among the senior members of the committee to serve one year as Chairperson-Elect, followed by one year as Chairperson. The committee reports to the Board Committee on Education and Professional Activities, and will submit an annual report to that committee in June.   Members serve 3-year terms. Committee membership should reflect representation from each of SPE’s six disciplines to the extent practical.

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