Membership Committee


The committee reviews membership requirements and/or classifications and recommends revisions for consideration by the SPE Board of Directors.  The committee recommends programs in the membership development and retention area for consideration by the SPE Board of Directors.  Meetings of the Membership Committee are called by the chairperson.


The committee is composed of 15 members plus a chairperson. Ideally, each geographic region will have one representative on the committee. A vice-chairperson will be appointed by the President-elect each year and will normally be the chairperson the following year. Terms are for three years and are staggered so that approximately one-third of the committee rolls off each year.  Terms of office expire immediately following ATCE in the autumn.

Committee Position Description

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Participate in monthly teleconferences (because we prefer global representation, some members will find that meetings are held very early or late in the day, depending on the time zone in which they live)
  • Attend face-to-face meeting held during SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (if travel permits)
  • Contribute to committee activities and brainstorming (approximately 60 hours per year)

Qualifications and Experience

  • Section leadership experience required, preferably as Membership or Section Chair
  • Interest in recruiting and retaining members for SPE
  • Knowledge of SPE's programs and services available only to members

Expected Time Commitment

It is not mandatory to physically attend committee meetings although it is encouraged when possible. Much of the committee work can be accomplished successfully through other means of communication (facsimile, email, and teleconference).

  • 12 hours participating in monthly teleconferences
  • 25-30 hours annually working on committee projects

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