Program Committees for Workshops

Qualifications and Experience

The Program Committee members must have technical knowledge and industry contacts to contribute to the development of the technical program.

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Participate in creating the technical program based on the event abstract
  • Act as a Session Chairperson
  • Select and invite speakers
  • Promote the event by inviting relevant attendees

Expected Time Commitment

The Program Committee member can expect to attend, in person or by phone, at least one meeting per month over a 7-9 month period.

Program Committee members may spend an additional 3 to 5 hours managing their sessions by inviting speakers and reviewing presentation content.


About the committee

SPE Applied Technology Workshops require a Program Committee that consists of volunteers who serve as subject matter experts and liaise with the staff to develop and deliver high quality technical programs at our workshops.  

The role of a Committee member is to create the technical program for the workshop. Multiple members of the Committee may also serve as Session Chairpersons. The Committee will vary in size and responsibility, but in general each Committee will have one or two Program Chairpersons who will lead the Committee in its function and direct how they achieve their goals for the technical program. 

Through the volunteer database data and other resources, the Program Chairperson(s) invite members to the join the Committee. The Committee should consist of members who represent a cross-section of technical knowledge and geographic areas to be covered by the program. Depending upon the event, the Committee may include members from other societies.

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