Scholarship Selection Committee

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Promote the scholarships to universities and members in your area
  • Review and rate applications within the provided timeframe
  • Participate in teleconference to select winners of scholarships and fellowships based on provided criteria

Qualifications and Experience

  • Personal interest in helping students
  • SPE member in good standing

Expected Time Commitment

  • Promotional responsibilities will vary by scholarship program but does not necessitate a significant amount of time
  • Sufficient time to review submitted applications (Approximately 30 minutes per application; amount of applications vary based on program)

About the committee

SPE and its Foundation continue to increase the  number of programs dedicated to the enrichment of students studying oil and gas related topics, including the Star Scholarship and Fellowship, Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship, Henry DeWitt Smith Memorial Fellowship, and the Nico van Wingen Memorial Fellowship.

For most scholarship programs, committee members will review the applications using an online system during the two month review period.

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