Sustainability Committee


Sustainability is central to oil and gas industry activities, such as minimizing the cost of finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons; maximizing recovery; minimizing environmental impacts; and operating safely to protect people and communities. The committee is charged with

  • Educating SPE members on sustainability and best practices for sustainability
  • Developing SPE’s strategy to address sustainability
  • Providing technical engineering input into global sustainability discussions
  • Working with other professional societies and groups on sustainability initiatives where it will benefit SPE’s mission and avoid duplication of efforts


The committee consists of a Chairman and from 15 to 20 committee members, who are appointed by the President-Elect to three-year terms.

Committee Position Description

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Participate in meetings and conference calls to develop strategies to meet committee goals
  • Volunteer to serve on at least one subgroup:
    • Social Aspects
    • Sustainability Management and Integration
    • Governance and Performance Monitoring
    • Environment and Safety
  • Take an active role in at least one committee project, such as a workshop or developing material for publication, each year.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Knowledge and experience in areas related to sustainability.
  • Interest in expanding the awareness of and knowledge about sustainability within SPE and the industry, and the public awareness of sustainable practices in the industry.

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend one meetings per year at locations and times selected by the Chairman. These meetings normally last 2 to 3 hours  and effort is made to hold them at locations where a number of committee members will already be, such as the ATCE or an SPE meeting on HSE topics.
  • Participation on a subgroup and in at least one other CCS activities each year, such as serving on a workshop committee. Time requirement will vary depending on subcommittee and activity, but is likely to include 1-hour conference calls every 6 to 8 weeks and involvement in at least one subgroup project.
  • Chairmen of subgroups also participate in 1-hour conference calls of the chairmen about every 8 weeks.

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