Appreciation of Member Volunteerism

As we look forward to the new opportunities and challenges that will undoubtedly present themselves in 2018, a quick look back shows the past year has been very busy with numerous SPE technical events and activities organized by SPE Canada and the eight SPE Sections throughout the Canadian Region. These included a number of conferences, workshops, training courses, Distinguished Lecturer visits, technical luncheons, as well as a variety of Member-in-Transition support, career development, educational outreach and social events.

Both attendance and company support of these various events improved considerably relative to 2016, as oil prices have stabilized and the industry has shown signs of gradual recovery. 

Ten SPE Student Chapters across the country also continued to be very active. 

The continued relevance and need for SPE technical information exchange and educational programming in support of safe and economically viable field developments and operations by Canada’s energy industry remains clear! 

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you, who as Canadian SPE members stepped up to volunteer, serve and/or contribute in some way, thus allowing the SPE to achieve its mission and fulfill the needs of its membership both within Canada and internationally. This includes:

  • Section and Student Chapter executive officers and members
  • Conference, workshop and forum Organizing Committee members
  • Student Chapter faculty liaisons
  • SPE Distinguished Lecturers
  • SPE course instructors
  • Technical paper/presentation authors
  • Community and education outreach emissaries
  • Social and Award committees
  • Student scholarship committee members
  • SPE International committee participants
  • Member-in-Transition event organizers
  • SPE Canada Board and Canadian Educational Foundation Board members
  • Companies/managers that have sponsored and/or facilitated Member involvement in SPE activities.

We also need to recognize the tenacious efforts of the SPE Canada staff and their many contributions to the successful organization and execution of several major events throughout the region. 
In recognition of extraordinary SPE member volunteerism and/or technical excellence, please take the time to identify and nominate worthy candidates for a Regional Award. View the Awards page for details of nomination process. 

Your continued engagement and support remains crucial as the industry establishes a new equilibrium.  Please take every opportunity possible to provide support and assistance to SPE Members in Transition seeking reemployment in the industry, as well as the many graduating and coop students looking for entry level or temporary job placements. Learn more about the Members in Transition program and what SPE is doing to assist members in this current environment.

Cam Matthews
SPE Regional Director for Canada