OnePetro Grant

To ensure all SPE student chapters could access the knowledge resource in OnePetro, the Board established a grant program. This grant covers the cost of a OnePetro subscription for universities where limited funds prevent the university from purchasing access. The subscription provides access to all faculty, staff, and students at the university; it is not limited to SPE members.


  • Official SPE Student Chapter in good standing
  • Application submitted by the Student Chapter Faculty Advisor on record with SPE
  • University does NOT have a current subscription

To Apply

The faculty advisor must complete the online application. Only student chapters in compliance with SPE policies will be considered.
If approved, the chapter must submit the annual report every year by the deadline.

Approved grants will be annually reviewed by the Board for approval. At this time, the Board will review the number of papers downloaded at the university.

US law prohibits provision of certain services to embargoed countries; therefore, not all applicants may be eligible to participate. Read more.