Management and Information

Distinguished Lecturers

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Year Lecturer Topic
2012-2013 Charles Fox Carbon Capture and Storage SWOT Analysis - Will We Implement the CCS Solution?
2012-2013 Patrick Leach Risk Tolerance and Risk Neutrality (You Can Live with More Risk than You Think)
2012-2013 Phil Rae Putting the Industry in Perspective
2012-2013 Simon Stromberg The Impact of Data Reliability on the Decision Making Process Using Petrophysical Examples
2011-2012 C. Michael Ming Let's Don't Write Off Traditional Energy - How Unconventional Resources & Innovation Can Create a New Energy Future
2010-2011 Atul Arya Will Demand for Oil Peak before a Supply Break? 
2010-2011 Dean Slocum Next Generation Stakeholder Engagement:  Balancing International Best Practices with In-Country Leadership
2010-2011 Jim Crompton Putting the Focus on Data
2010-2011 Jose Carlos (JC) Cunha Economic and Risk Analysis Applied to Petroleum Engineering – Recent Developments and Application Examples 
2010-2011 Khosrow Biglarbigi Unlocking Ten Trillion Barrels of Global Oil Shale Resources The State of the Industry
2010-2011 Steve Begg  Eliciting Expert Opinions and Uncertainty Assessments for Decision-Making:  An Interactive Lecture                                  
2009-2010 Ben W. Ebenhack Preserving and Extending the Energy Advantage
2009-2010 Saeed M. Al-Mubarak Real-time Reservoir Management from Data Acquisition through Implementation: Closed-Loop Approach
2008-2009 Anthony (Tony) C. Harrison  Reserves Management & Auditability-Criticala Requirements in Today's Oil & Gas Industry
2008-2009 Fahad A Al-Ajmi Reservoir Management and the Art of Listening to the Reservoir
2008-2009 Ken R. Brown The EOR Kiss of Death – It Was a Technical Success but an Economic Failure!
2008-2009 Yasin Senturk Value of Seamlessly Collaborative Integrated Studies
2007-2008 Leo Roodhart GameChanger: Enabling Global Innovation in EandP
2007-2008 Michael Monea CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage, the Weyburn Story-Industrial and Governmental Perspectives
2007-2008 Phiroze Patel  Innovation in the Oil Field -- YOU can do it! 
2007-2008 Tarald Svanes Integrated Uncertainty and Decision Analysis of Petroleum Projects: Work-flows and Tools
2006-2007 Anthony (Tony) C. Harrison  Reserves Management & Auditability – Critical Requirements in Today’s Oil & Gas Industry
2006-2007 Iraj Ershaghi Managing Smart Oilfield Assets and The Training Needs for Collaborative Decision Making
2006-2007 Theo H Fleisch The End of Stranded Gas: The Emergence of the Gas to Products (GTP) Option
2005-2006 Iskander Diyashev The Oil Industry in Russia
2005-2006 Jeanne Purdue Today’s Oil Industry:  High-Tech Tools Improve Your Quality of Life
2005-2006 John Tobin The 3 Es - A path to an Improved Image  (And, Potentially, Improved Profits)
2005-2006 Kurt  Hillman International Joint Ventures - How to Keep Yours on Track
2004-2005 Mark A. McLane Reserve Overbooking – An Issue of Professional Ethics
2004-2005 Peter Cockcroft A Prescriptive Approach to International Risk Management
2003-2004 Reidar B. Bratvold  Would You Know a Good Decision if You Saw One?
2003-2004 Richard O. Snell Deepwater Facilities Concept Selection
2002-2003 Abdus Satter PhD, PE Asset Management throughout the Reservoir Life Cycle
2002-2003 Daniel O’Meara Jr. Log-Derived J Functions for Calculating Saturations, Estimating  Permeability, and Identifying Reservoir Compartments
2002-2003 Lance Cook New Technology's Role in Sustainability and the Environment Solid Expandable Tubulars