Production and Operations

Distinguished Lecturers

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Year Lecturer Topic
2012-2013 Marina Voskanian Improved Recovery and Reduced Costs with Intelligent Interventions – Make your Wells intervention “Friendly”
2012-2013 Brian Schwanitz  How Smart is the Intelligent Technology for Simulators and Field Production Management?
2012-2013 Iberê Nascentes  Alves Sustaining Productivity and Heat Mining at The Geysers Geothermal Field Using Reclaimed Wastewater
2012-2013 Robert Sutton Improving Well Performance:  A New Look at Critical Flow Velocity in Complex Completions
2011-2012 Dennis Dria E&P Applications of Fiber-Optic Technologies
2011-2012 Ding Zhu Understanding the Roles of Inflow-Control Devices in Optimizing Horizontal Well Performance
2011-2012 Jennifer Julian Twenty Years of Wellwork:  Interventions and Innovations at Prudhoe Bay Alaska
2010-2011 Ernie Brown Successfully Stimulating Complex Carbonate Reservoirs 
2010-2011 Harold D. Brannon Hydraulic Fracturing Material Selection:  Application Trends & Considerations
2010-2011 Jennifer L.  Miskimins Adopting a Different Viewpoint - How Unconventional Reservoirs Have Changed Our Perspectives on Hydraulic Fracturing
2010-2011 Jerald (Jerry) Dethlefs Near Surface External Casing Corrosion; Monitoring, Mechanism and Mitigation
2010-2011 Kenneth G.  Brown Intelligent Well Technology in Underground Gas Storage
2010-2011 Lance Portman High End uses for Coiled Tubing
2010-2011 Probjot Singh Managing Paraffins for Flow Assurance
2010-2011 Randy Tolman Novel Multi-Zone Stimulation Technology
2010-2011 Zbigniew Richard (Rick) Lemanczyk Beyond 2010: Challenges & Solutions for Gas lift Optimisation
2009-2010 Charlie Hinrichsen How to Prevent the Loss of Oil and Gas Production Caused by Scale Deposits
2009-2010 Joseph Ayoub Realizing Full Potential of Hydraulic Fracturing – Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation
2009-2010 Ken Seng Chan Recent Advances in Horizontal Well Water Shut-Off and Production Improvement
2009-2010 Marina Voskanian Incentives to Revitalize Mature Fields in an Environmentally Safe Manner — California Case Studies of Government/Industry Collaborations
2009-2010 Michael Byrne Formation Damage – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where…..
2009-2010 Mike Eberhard Multiple Pay Tight Gas Sands Can the Lessons Learned in the Rockies Help You?
2009-2010 Mike Gunningham Lunskoye Big Bore Gas Wells - Maximising Gas, Minimising Sand
2009-2010 Mike Vincent Examining Our Assumptions – Have Oversimplifications Jeopardized Our Ability To Design Optimal Fracture Treatments? 
2009-2010 Raymond Tibbles  Fracturing for Sand Control: How Hydraulic Fracturing Has Changed Sand Control
2008-2009 Francisco J. Alhanati Pitfalls to Avoid in Assessing Artificial Lift Run-Life Performance
2008-2009 Martin Rylance Remediating Cusiana & Cupiagua Fracturing Between a Rock and a Hard Place 
2008-2009 Pavel G. Bedrikovetski Injectivity Impairment and Well & Water Management
2008-2009 Tony Martin Appropriate Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies for Mature Oil and Gas Formations
2007-2008 David Ross  Wellbore Cementing Challenges Present and Future
2007-2008 Larry Britt  Application of Low Viscosity Fluids To Hydraulic Fracturing
2007-2008 Nazmul Gazi New and Emerging Water and Gas Shut-off Techniquesin Vertical and Horizontal Open-holes:Challenges and Opportunities
2007-2008 Robert Hawkes Pre-frac Reservoir Characterization from Perforation Inflow Diagnostic (PID) Testing. "Measure Twice-Frac Once"
2007-2008 Shahab Mohaghegh Smart Completions, Smart Wells and Now Smart Fields-Challenges Our Industry Faces and How to Overcome Them
2007-2008 Sunil Kokal Crude Oil Emulsions: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
2007-2008 William K. Ott Selection and Design Criteria for Sand Control Screens
2006-2007 Carlos Alberto Pedroso Frac-pack in Ultra Deep Water: Lessons Learned in a Hundred of Well Succeed Operations
2006-2007 Darrell J. Wood Water Injector Completion Design and Performance in Sand Prone Formations
2006-2007 Marina Voskanian Challenges and opportunities for Operating in Environmentally Sensitive Basins Learning from the California Experience
2006-2007 Roar Larsen Cold Flow: A Method to End to Pipeline Blockages?
2006-2007 Wolfram Kleinitz Tail-End Production, a Challenge to Sustainable Operating Strategy
2005-2006 B.J. Kristoff Meeting the Challenge of Marginal Oil Reservoirs:  Oil Recovery in Saskatchewan
2005-2006 Brij  Maini Foamy Oil Flow – A Laboratory Curiosity or A Real Drive Mechanism in Field Operations
2005-2006 Hans Vaziri No Sanding Surprises – An Achievable Goal, At Last!
2005-2006 Ian Collins Scale Management:  A New Era
2005-2006 Sara Thomas Chemical EOR – The Past; Does It Have A Future?
2005-2006 Steve Cheung The Latest in Ways to Improve Asset Value Through Better Water Management
2004-2005 A.K.M. Jamaluddin Fluid Considerations from Initial Assessment to Production
2004-2005 Ajay Mehta Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors: A Gamechanger Flow Assurance Technology to Revolutionize Hydrate Management in the Oil & Gas Industry
2004-2005 Ali Daneshy Consequences of Off-Balance Growth in Hydraulic Fracturing
2004-2005 Harry Frampton The Influence of Reservoir Structure on Water Control Technology
2003-2004 Robert Pourciau Completion and Well Performance Results, Genesis Field, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
2002-2003 David B. Walker The Challenge of Deepwater
2002-2003 John C. Patterson Cost Saving Technology with ESPs in High Intervention Cost Areas
2002-2003 Maurice B Dusseault New Oil Production Technologies
2002-2003 Peter Clark Slurry Flow In Hydraulic Fracturing: Where Did All Of The Sand You Paid For Go?
2002-2003 Yuri F. Makogon Gas Hydrates in Industry and Nature