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SPE is the largest individual member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the oil and gas industry.

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Energizing Our Lives

Let's Be Proud of Our Industry

Leigh-Ann Russell, BP, reflects on a sign that reads "I love oil and gas. Let's be proud of our industry."

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The SPE Podcast - Data and AI in the Petroleum Industry with Jeff Baetz

Data and AI in the Petroleum Industry with Jeff Baetz

In this week's episode of The SPE Podcast, Jeff Baetz joins to discuss how artificial intelligence can help the industry through the digital transformation. This transition is a priority for oil and gas companies to reduce risk while improving operational efficiency.

Members in Transition

SPE is here to support our members during the extraordinary circumstances of our industry today. We’ve compiled information, resources, and programs to assist our members during the current downturn. 

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Canadian Energy Innovations

Tuesday, 24 September | 1200 CDT

This SPE Live examines Canadian unconventionals and heavy oil. How is Canada regaining competitiveness and viability with cutting-edge technologies and processes? How is the industry navigating regulation challenges and innovating in sustainability?

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The September issue of SPE Drilling & Completion features papers ranging from real-time monitoring and completion to minimizing erosion and cement additives. Subscribe to SPE’s journals to unlock a wealth of knowledge from across industry and academia.

PetroWiki is a free resource from SPE created to answer many basic petroleum engineering and operational questions. SPE members can update or add to PetroWiki content to share their expertise.

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Your section or chapter can encourage primary and secondary students to pursue careers in science, math, technology, and engineering by participating in classroom visits. Hands-on experiments engage students while simultaneously teaching them about energy.