Assisting with Turkey Earthquake Aftermath; SPE Student Chapter Gets Involved

The world has been saddened and shocked by the destruction and massive loss of life in Turkey and Syria from the earthquake on 6 February 2023. Under our Disaster Relief policy, SPE has donated $10,000 to the Red Crescent Turkey to assist with relief efforts.  

SPE has one section and six student chapters in Turkey. Laura Precupanu, SPE Regional Director Europe (which includes Turkey), reached out to the SPE section and chapters offering SPE support, as well as our thoughts and prayers.  

Emre Artun, faculty advisor to the Istanbul Technical University Student Chapter, reports they have students who were in the region at the time of the quake. Some of them have lost their homes, but fortunately no loss of life in their immediate families. The university and the student chapter are mobilizing to support these students.

Ibrahim Kocabas, faculty advisor to the Izmir Katip Celebi University Student Chapter, provided an update on the efforts of the student chapter members to provide support. They have donated winter clothes and blankets, are giving blood donations to Red Crescent, and have opened an account to collect cash from members that they will be transferring to state relief funds. Kocabas states “I am deeply impressed by the sacrifices of my students to help those affected by the quake.”

As you view news reports of the devastation and death toll in Turkey, you may be wondering how you can offer support. If you feel drawn to providing aid, listed below are some reliable organizations who are currently working toward delivering assistance in the region. Please feel free to share this list with others you know who may want to help.

Local organizations (supplied by our members in Turkey):

AHBAP: A local NGO with over 30.000 members actively supporting people and regions in need.

AKUT: Search and Rescue Association is a Turkish non-governmental organization for disaster search and rescue relief.

AFAD: Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

International aid organizations currently providing assistance in Turkey and Syria:

International Red Cross (working jointly with Red Crescent):

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres):

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF):

UN Refugee Agency:

International Rescue Committee:

Save the Children:

These are just suggestions; many other faith-based and global organizations are also providing support and would welcome any contribution you choose to make.