SPE Leadership Statement on Ukraine

Revised 28 March 2022


The SPE leadership expresses our grave concern for those affected by the ongoing military invasion into Ukraine, and we offer our support to our Ukraine-based colleagues and their families. We condemn the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine and we support all actions by the international community to prevent further escalation of the conflict. We encourage all efforts to find a peaceful solution.

SPE's immediate goal is to directly assist our SPE members in need by contributing to the humanitarian relief efforts initiated by our SPE sections in the region. SPE has provided financial support through our Poland and Romanian Sections to supply food and humanitarian aid, and, where feasible, assist the evacuation of our Ukrainian members and their families. 

SPE will comply with all sanctions mandated by the US, UK and EU regarding the services that we currently provide in Russia. Following discussions at our recent Board of Directors’ meeting, SPE is suspending all conferences and workshops in Russia indefinitely.  

We are monitoring the Ukraine situation closely and will take further actions as necessary. Until then, our thoughts go out to all of those affected and we wish for a swift resolution. We ask that you support our Ukraine-based SPE members in whatever form or fashion that you can, such as through relief agencies. Please keep the fate of all Ukrainians and Ukraine-based colleagues in your thoughts and deeds.