Author a PetroBrief

SPE is currently accepting proposals for PetroBriefs.  PetroBriefs are longer than a paper, but shorter than a full-length book. Designed to be digital first, PetroBriefs should be between 50 and 100 typeset pages in length and will be released in both a eBook and limited print-on-demand format.

The manuscript should be a concise presentation on a specific petroleum-related subject which readers can absorb with minimal time investment.

PetroBriefs can cover:

  • A timely evaluation of the state of an existing petroleum-related technology
  • A bridge between new research published in journal or conference paper and a fully developed textbook
  • An in-depth case study
  • A snapshot of a hot or emerging topic that is changing rapidly
  • A concise presentation of core concepts that engineers and students should understand in order to further their careers
  • A recent enhancement in petroleum technology which does not need in-depth discussion or a public comment period 

Manuscript submissions:

  • All proposals will be approved by the SPE Books Development Committee
  • Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts will be considered for publication
  • For unsolicited manuscripts, fully developed manuscripts are preferred
  • Manuscripts may be developed by individual authors or by designated SPE work groups and/or committees
  • Authors should be highly experienced in their subject matter with no more than three authors per book
  • Similar to all SPE book projects, the final manuscripts will be reviewed by a group of SMEs independent of the author(s)
  • 3 suggested technical reviewers with CVs may be submitted with the proposed manuscript
  • The author must obtain and provide proof of permission for all figures used in the book at the time of submission. All figures should be 300 dpi at print size
  • The manuscript should be written to SPE specifications and may not be excessively commercial or overly self-promoting in nature.

Interested in publishing with SPE?  
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(Please note: SPE is not currently accepting new textbook and monograph proposals)