Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) Program Committee

Mission of the Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) Program Committee

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Major responsibilities of the ATCE Program Committee are to monitor activity in their fields worldwide and to identify topics that should be pursued for presentation in the technical program. This includes identifying companies active in development work and operations in the area worldwide, as well as individuals, and the encouragement to submit paper proposals. Members are to also serve as a session chairperson in their developed sessions.

Structure of the Committee

The ATCE Program Committee is comprised of 1 chairperson, 1 vice chairperson, 7 specialty coordinators, and 16 subcommittees. Subcommittees are comprised of approximately 8-27 members. The subcommittees are monitored and provided assistance by the specialty coordinator.  

Term of Appointment and Time Commitment

The term of a committee member is 3 years. Rotation of chairpersons and committee members and inclusion of new members provides for new, innovative ideas to be infused into the program.

The committee will meet 2-6 times throughout the planning process. This may be by teleconference, virtual meetings, or face-to-face. There is an organizational or “kick-off” meeting, 2-3 subsequent status meetings/calls (as the program dictates), and the Program Selection Meeting where the committee will review the rated paper proposals and develop the approved technical program.

All member, before assuming their committee role, will attend a mandatory Program Committee Clinic where roles, responsibilities, processes, and procedures will be discussed. This clinic is held following the Program Committee Chairpersons and Specialty Coordinator Organizational Meeting at the current conference. Those unable to attend will have an opportunity to participate in a scheduled webinar. Upon completion of the clinic, members will gain access to the necessary systems to perform their duties.


When a volunteer serves on a Program Committee, the work will involve access to information that is considered confidential. Any information obtained during the term of service should be treated with the strictest confidentiality.  

It is the volunteer's responsibility to respect the confidentiality of authors and their information, to follow SPE procedures and to act in a professional manner at all times in order to maintain high professional standards of the committee and integrity of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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