Distinguished Lecturer

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and grow professionally, by hearing these experts in their fields.

This season, all Distinguished Lecturer events will be virtual events. Events are limited to section members only so you will only be able to register for events listed for your section.


See your section's DL events


Also we can optionally show some alternate text here, for the situations where we cannot yet offer them any buttons because they are not yet signed in as a member (associated with any SPE Section):

  • Unfortunately, you are signed out, so you get no links to any DL events. Sign In
  • Unfortunately, you are not a society member, so you get no links to any DL events. Join SPE
  • Unfortunately, you have no SPE Section, so you get no links to any DL events. Update Profile

And below, the buttons will only display on lectures for which the user will actually be able to register; just right now for testing/QA purposes only, they temporarily all have buttons.