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2009–2010 Season

Formation Damage – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where…

Michael Byrne

Listening to the Reservoir – Interpreting Data from Permanent Downhole Gauges

Roland Horne
2008–2009 Season

A Twenty-Five-Year Perspective on the Use of Pressure Transient Analysis

Robert Hite

The Strategic Significance and Practicalities of CO2 EOR and Storage

David Hughes

Appropriate Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies for Mature Oil and Gas Formations

Tony Martin
2007–2008 Season

Implementing a Well Integrity Management System

Joseph Anders

Petroleum Reserves Estimates: Where We Have Been, Where We Are and Where We Appear to be Headed

Ronald Harrell
2006–2007 Season
Why Shut the Well In? You've Already Got the Data Jim Crafton

Accurate Determination of Remaining Hydrocarbon: Art or Science? 

Ahmed Badruzzaman

Managing Smart Assets: Training Needs for Collaborative Decision Making

Iraj Ershaghi

Tail-End Production, a Challenge to Sustainable Operating Strategy

Wolfram Kleinitz

Is Underbalanced Drilling the Right Answer for Your Reservoir?

P.V. Suryanarayana

Drilling with Casing — What it Can and Can't Do for an Asset

Tommy Warren
2005–2006 Season

The Latest in Ways to Improve Asset Value through Better Water Management

Steve K. Cheung

Russia’s Recent Past and Future in Oil and Gas Production

Iskander Diyashev

Advances in Unconventional Resources Technology: Assessment Methodology

John Lee

LNG – What’s Happening – and Why!

John Morgan

Well Stimulation – A New Challenge

Gerrit Nitters

Hydraulic Fracturing: “THE” Multi-Discipline Process

Michael Smith
2004–2005 Season

Low Cost Methods for Improved Oil and Gas Recovery

Zaki Bassiouni

Reserve Overbooking – An Issue of Professional Ethics

Mark A. McLane

Eliminating Environmental Risks in Well Construction and Workovers

Phil Rae

Russia’s Recent Past and Future in Oil and Gas Production

Iskander Diyashev