Energizing Our Lives: Resources

These are some of the stories, sites, documents, and podcasts from SPE and other sources that demonstrate how our industry energizes lives around the globe and give us pride about what our industry contributes.

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2020 Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry  

Reduction in gas flaring benefits producers and environment, says GlobalData

Past SPE Presidents Weigh In on Decarbonization

Shell's carbon emissions drop in 2019 to four-year low

Exxon Mobil to reduce methane emissions at 1,000 Permian Basin sites

OGCI’s Annual Report: Scaling Up Action—Aiming for net zero emissions 

Innovators Seek To Transform Flaring Into Money and Power

UK oil, gas industry sees role in hydrogen, CCS developments

NPC: A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage 

IEA Methane Tracker

Oil and gas giants sign up to Teesside net-zero carbon capture project

BP Aims to be Net Zero by 2050

Heriot Watt to Map Carbon Storage Potential of UK Offshore Areas

Aramco debuts low CO2 demonstration truck at SAE Innovations in Mobility event in Detroit

Integrating Climate Into Our Strategy -- Total  

Why Should SPE Members Be Interested in Carbon Capture and Storage?

UK oil, gas industry sees role in hydrogen, CCS developments

Columnist Gets it Wrong -- Energy Companies Can Help Shape a Cleaner Future

Family Budgets, Home Heating and the Environmental Benefit of Natural Gas

New Partnership for Real-Time Well Site Air Quality Monitoring

Sustainability Is the New Safety

Inside ExxonMobil's hookup with carbon removal venture Global Thermostat

Mapping the Oil and Gas Industry to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas  

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