Message from South, Central, and East Europe Director

September 2019

Jean Marc Dumas
SPE South, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Director

The holidays ended, it’s time to get back to work… and if I believe what I saw during the last Offshore Europe at the beginning of September in Aberdeen, it would seem that the offshore comeback begins a cautious embellishment but finally palpable. More than 38,000 people visited Offshore Europe, an increase of 3,000 on the 2017 event, but it failed to reach the lofty heights that preceded the recent oil downturn.
However, SPE hailed the noticeable positive energy at this year’s event as the industry emerges from several difficult years, and it was an encouraging success for the future and many have seen a tremendous value from the exhibit. As summarized by a local columnist, the energy transition took centre stage at the flagship conference, which also tackled topics including decommissioning, digitisation and attracting a more diverse workforce and the next generation.
Digital, is not only a buzz word, but also a reality. Olivier Le Peuch, new Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger, the world’s largest service company, said recently in a speech at an investor conference that “We are setting an ambition to more than double the contribution of our digital businesses within the foreseeable future”. He also mentioned that the development and deployment of technologies to decarbonise the industry, such as carbon capture and storage, is a prominent topic, with a stated ambitious goal of net zero emissions by 2050. And our industry is definitely part of the solution while still carrying on going with the delivery of the oil and gas that we all need in society.
During OE 2019, we also talked a lot about attracting and retaining new talents in our industry, with amazing conferences like “Securing Generation 2035”, the INSPIRE PROGRAMME with the “Career Pathways Fair” or “Emerging Engineers Forum”, “Walking the Right Path” when transferring people to an offshore asset or even diversity in our sector with the “Women in Energy” workshop.
Regarding the regional activities, combined South Central East Europe and North Sea Regional Sections Officers Meeting is more than ever THE staple event to network and provide our great volunteers with crucial information to take away and manage operations in SPE Sections and Student Chapters.
Following SPE regulations (Regional Director’s term for 3 years) and last year SPE International Board of Directors decision to merge North Sea and South Central East Europe regions, as of next Calgary ATCE, there will be one mega-region called Europe.
I’d like to thank my dear colleague Karl Ludvig Heskestad, North Sea RD, for all his achievements in the region and at the International Board level, for his friendship and good spirit. I wish him a fruitful and passionate future career, and hope to meet him from time to time as part of our day-to-day business in this amazing scientific community.
Nice back to all.

With my best regards.

Jean Marc Dumas