Message from Africa Regional Director

September 2019


Wumi Iledare
SPE Regional Director Africa Region

My First Year as Africa Regional Director—an Inconceivable Experience worth Sharing
Mantra: Year 1 Listen, Year 2 Learn and Year 3 Lead.

2019 has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile first year as the SPE Africa Regional Director, I have met some really committed and dedicated members over the past one year. Sections visited in my first year as Regional Director include Douala, Ghana, Windhoek, Maputo, Angola, Equatorial Guineaand the Nigeria Council, particularly, Benin, Lagos, & Port Harcourt Sections. The plan in 2020 is to establish sustainable and healthy sections and student chapters. Some of the sections on the horizon  include Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Senegal, and Cote d’Ivorie, and two student chpaters are Namibia University of Science & Technology and Agostinho Neto University, Angola.

The first Africa Regional Section Officers Meeting on the continent held on 4th August 2019 had attendees from Ghana, Congo, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Angola and the Nigerian Sections. In total, we had 78 attendees
I want to thank you all of you for your continued support and dedication, and I am looking forward to working with all of you in my second year as RD.

Africa Regional Director with SPE 2019 President at SPE NAICE 2019 Award Dinner in Lagos. The visit to SPE Douala Section with Ola Davies energized section officers remarkably. Two officers attended the Africa Officers Workshop in Abuja later in September after the visit.

Cross section of attendees at the Africa Regional Section Officers Meeting 2019.

At the 2019 SPE NAICE, SPE's Africa Region held its Regional Council and agreed to pursue SPEi interest to host two events in Africa in 2020. The first event proposed is to hold in Ghana in March 2020 and the second event proposal is to hold in one of the Southern Africa Sections in the third or fourth quarter.

ARD and Ola are on track to get a Malabo Section in Equatorial Guinea established. The enthusiasm is high and we hope the section will get the required number by early 2020

Ola, ARD Wumi and SPE 2018 President Darcy in Luanda, Angola. Visited SONANGOL E&P, SOMOIL, Haliburton, BP, ENI and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Minerals and Petroleum. Willingness to continue the support of local section activities by these institutions prompted ARD to predict Angola’s membership growth to 500 by 2021.

ARD Wumi and SPE 2018 President Darcy at an interactive forum with Luanda Section and its Student Chapter. Thanks to Haliburton for sponsoring the evening event during SPEi visit.

ARD Wumi, Ola, and SPE 2018 President Darcy at Namibia University of Science & Technology with Engineering Faculty. Picture on the right shows ARD with Namibia Petroleum Commissioner and Section officers.

ARD, Ola and SPEi 2018 President with INP, Upstream Regulatory Agency in Mozambique; Ola and Darcy with ENI Mozambique COO, a fervent SPE member too.