Section Interviews

This month we heard from the Hungary Section.


1.  How many members does your section contain?
99 current professional members

2.  When was the Section established?
December 1992

3.  How was the section established? Who set it up?
Gábor Takács and Bela Pertik established the Section with the support and participation of MOL’s oil engineers.

4.  Where is your section based?
Budapest, Hungary


5.  What are the main benefits in getting involved with the section?
The opportunity to collaborate with others and share best practices with colleagues. The Section also provides an environment to access information about the latest technical challenges in the region and learn from experts in specific technical disciplines.

6.  Tell us about something unique or different about your section:
We benefit from very good cooperation and support from the regional companies.

7.  Mention challenges faced by the section and how you overcome these:
Finding new potential and active members, and persuading our main sponsor to support us continuously. The Hungarian Section Leaders communicate with members directly, we know every member of the section personally. We believe this is the best way to find new potentials and encourage the active members to support and take part in the events. We have a strong connection with other organisations as well such as the Hungarian Geological Society, Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society, Association of Hungarian Geophysicists etc. We often invite each other to conferences and workshops not just the leaders but the members as well. We have good relationships with the regional oil and gas companies. This activity is really time-consuming, but the payback is not bad.

8.  Outline an upcoming project or event that you are excited about:
The Annual SPE HUN Section Technical Conference and Workshop. MOL supports this event, but we are trying to find more sponsors which is why the entrance fee is low. Finally it means a low cost for the section. Approximately 100 participants took part in this event in the last year. This year we are organising the 5th conference.

9.  What would you say is the section’s greatest achievement?
We have been able to increase our membership and retain existing ones because we have a really good relationship with our members as well as sponsors. If we get a Distinguished Lecturer visit from SPE we invite people personally according to the technical topic, but of course the whole section is informed. We are really proud that we belong to this traditional society.  Also, that we are able to organise the above mentioned annual conference is a proud achievement.

10. Which industry hot topics are being discussed in your section today?
EOR, Lifting technologies, Heavy Oil, Unconventional HC are all topics under much discussion.

11. What do you hope for the future of this section?
We hope we will be able to continue to manage ourselves the way that we are and that our economy will be stable. We hope the oil and gas industry will remain active in our region this century so that we can continue to be successful.