Section Interviews

For November 2012, we heard from the Lagos Section.


1.  How many members does your section contain?
1204 (956 paid, 248 unpaid)

2.  When was the Section established?
26 March 1973

3.  How was the section established? Who set it up?
The Section was established by members of SPE the including Mr. Egbert Imomoh (2013 SPE President) and with the help of August Quesada, Lanier Lohn, Hamed Onipede, Bill Herbert, Udo Okon, Jan Bon and Caroll Montgomery who served as the trustees.

4.  Where is your section based?


5.  What are the main benefits in getting involved with the section?
We help our members build a network within the industry and develop their professional career with a broad range of activities offered by SPE. Getting involved equips our members with leadership development which gives them the opportunity to interact with leaders from other companies.

6.  Tell us about something unique or different about your section:
The Lagos section is identified by having a succession plan which outlines a process for identifying and developing key players and a drive for good quality technical content that adds value to membership and meets the need of its members.

7.  Mention challenges faced by the section and how you overcome these:

  • One of our main challenges is obtaining sponsorship for our activities, so using our section officer succession plan we identify key members from different companies to be part of the section board who in turn drive sponsorship from their companies.
  • Another challenge is arranging experts to attend technical meetings. We use our associated company’s internal communication platforms to announce technical meetings and section activities to maximise our scope for attendance.

8.  Outline an upcoming project or event that you are excited about:
The SPE Lagos section is planning an exciting ‘Walk for Charity’ event and the section board has set up an award committee to identify and recognise members and corporate sponsors who have contributed to the growth of the section and added value to the profession.

9.  What would you say is the section’s greatest achievement?
The greatest achievement for the section is the sustained growth of the section’s Young Professionals, and the approval of the new SPE student chapter –Obafemi Awolowo University Student Chapter.

10. Which industry hot topics are being discussed in your section today?
Our section has been discussing the management of brownfields in a production declining environment.

11. What do you hope for the future of this section?
To set the standard for best practice in section administration and management.