SPE Event Standard Safety Guidelines

March 2021

SPE’s Commitment to Your Safety

With the evolving impacts of COVID-19 felt around the globe, the health and safety of all SPE event participants is our highest priority. We understand the uncertainty facing our members and supporters regarding attending in-person events. SPE has implemented global safety standards for our events, which will be used alongside country, city/state, and venue regulations and protocols for each individual event. 

We are also carefully monitoring the future impact of COVID-19 on SPE's operations and will modify our guidelines in accordance. 

Please review all current measures that SPE is taking to ensure your safety at our events.

Venue Safety and Preparation

Image of group of people wearing face masks

SPE will review each event venues’ safety guidelines to ensure that they meet our standard of effective safety practices and procedures. This includes cleaning regimens and distancing measures detailed on this webpage.

Specific SPE safety guidelines will depend on the event size, amenities, and location. These guidelines will be communicated by SPE on the event website and via email.

Standard Safety Guidelines for SPE Global Events

Country/Local Regulations/Requirements

SPE will continue to monitor and implement the safety guidelines provided at national and local levels. 

Limited Capacity

Each event will limit the number of attendees, exhibitors, and staff throughout the venue. They may also utilize a combination of social distancing, space planning, staggered admission, and traffic flow.

Health Precautions/Procedures

Each event will require entry screenings through pre-event symptom assessments, temperature screening, or through other practical safety measures. Face masks will be required for all individuals attending an SPE event. Sanitization stations will be accessible throughout event venues. 

Food Safety

SPE will minimize exposure and contact by eliminating open food service options whenever possible. This will be done by having meals and beverages separately packaged, in closed containers, or inspected for safety control.

SPE Staff Requirements

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Staff will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms prior to the event and each day of the event. They will be trained on safety guidelines and protocols provided by SPE and the event venue. They will also utilize the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at the event. 

Staff will effectively communicate to participants the event guidelines, safety protocol reminders, and COVID-19 updates through email, event signage, and the event’s website. 

Exhibitor Preparations

Exhibiting Companies Must: 

  • Provide sanitization supplies and disinfecting products for their booth/stand to complement SPE’s safety measures. This includes disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves. 
  • Routinely disinfect their booth/stand, equipment, and materials while avoiding distributing printed materials. 
  • Screen their staff for symptoms related to COVID-19 prior to attending the event and each day of the event.
  • Refrain from physical contact with attendees and practice social distancing during setup/teardown.
  • Comply with venue and event-specific guidelines, terms, and conditions.

COVID-19 Risk Procedures 

Image of cleaning and disinfecting table

Each event will have a health procedure in place for addressing anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. These procedures will be specific to the event location and government regulations. SPE will take action to prevent further exposure and minimize impact if anyone attending the event is displaying symptoms related to COVID-19.

When SPE is informed of a positive diagnosis in relation to an event, SPE will work with the necessary authorities on contact tracing measures.  A risk assessment, in accordance with local government guidelines, will be performed. 

If an attendee may have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual at the event, SPE will follow national government guidelines when notifying the attendee.

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