Reconnecting the Oil & Gas Industry

The return of collaboration through SPE’s in-person events


In-Person Events Are Back!

The events sector has had a rough time over the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with most face-to-face meetings being postponed or cancelled. We have overcome these difficulties by keeping our communities together through the growth of our virtual events. 

However, despite seeing us through these turbulent times, one thing has been distinctly evident - a digital format cannot replicate the in-person experience.

Now that the vaccine rollout is well under way, we are making the safe transition back to in-person events; a significant and vital step towards reconnecting the E&P industry.


Support the Reconnection of our Industry

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What are the benefits of attending our events face-to-face?

Woman listening to presentation


One thing we have been missing and one of the biggest obstacles we have faced with our virtual events has been the engagement factor. You simply cannot replace the interactive element of an in-person format; from the atmosphere to the social hub of activity. Nothing can match the experience of human connection.

Woman presenting to group of people


Restore your connections with E&P experts and colleagues directly. Experience the presentations as they happen and the ability to ask questions directly to the professionals while keeping the conversation going.

Group of people networking


Direct interaction and networking with industry professionals is essential for long-term business relationships. It is a way to nurture your connections and accelerate business, build trust, and loyalty.

Group of people talking in meeting


Through face-face contact, it is easier to communicate goals and objectives. The conversation flows more naturally enabling us to be clearer with our purpose. This generates more ideas which in turn leads to more productive opportunities.

Putting your Safety First

At SPE we are committed to delivering exceptional live in-person events while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our participants is prioritised.

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe environment in compliance and following the guidance from federal, state, and local governmental agencies and health authorities.