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Everyone plays a role at a forum. The Forum Series Coordinating and Implementation committees select topics based on trends in the industry. Responsibilities are unique for each role, and each person is essential to coordinate such powerful collaboration. Learn how you can contribute by downloading details listed under each position.

Forum Series Committees

The committees governing SPE Forum Series work between two hemispheres
and five regions to host up to ten forums annually.

Click on titles to expand details about each role.

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    Forum Series Coordinating Committee (FSCC)

    The FSCC is responsible for the oversight of the SPE Forum Series program including the planning and conduct of forums under policies and guidelines as approved by the SPE Board of Directors.

    Comprising of five members, terms for the chairperson and committee members are three years and subject to renewal. Committee members include each chairperson of Forum Series Implementation Committees (FSIC) plus three at-large representatives.

    Current committee members:

    Basak Kurtoglu, Quantum Energy Partners, Chairperson
    Paul Francis, Fenten
    Oscar Eduardo Ramirez Lamus, Schlumberger
    Thomas Major, National Oilwell Varco
    Rick Stanley, Kore-Optics

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    Forum Series Implementation Committee (FSIC)

    Members of the FSIC report to the FSCC and are responsible for identifying current trends in the industry to suggest relevant, future-focused topics for new forums.

    The committees are responsible for recommending topics for the forums, reviewing the plans and schedule with forum chairpersons, and ensuring that the scheduling and planning for each forum is handled in accordance with forum policies and guidelines. Committee members are also responsible for submitting recommendations to the FSCC for revisions to Forum Series guidelines and policies.

    Comprising of six to nine members, terms are three years and subject to renewal. FSIC chairpersons also serve as members of the FSCC.

    Current committee members:


    Thomas Major, National Oilwell Varco, FSIC-Americas Chairperson
    James Cunningham, Schlumberger
    Jairo Corredor, Devon Energy
    Reza Fassihi, BHP Billiton
    Basak Kurtoglu, Quantum Energy Partners
    Claudia Molina, Encana
    Jeff Moss, ExxonMobil (Retired)
    Chet Ozgen, Nitec LLC
    Rick Stanley, Kore-Optics



    Paul Francis, Fenten, FSIC-Europe Chairperson
    Hernan Buijs, Wintershall
    Jack Colborn, NOV
    Mark Laws, Shell
    Alex Mackay, Welltec
    Ekaterina Minyaeva, Accenture Consulting
    Abdulatif Omair, Saudi Aramco
    Oscar Eduardo Ramirez Lamus, Schlumberger


Roles and Opportunities

  • Participants of forums are selected to fulfill roles based on the structure of the forum, giving
    members opportunities to contribute to discussions based on his or her skills and experience. Click on titles to expand details about each role.
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      Forum Chairperson(s) set the stage for the entire forum by reviewing abstracts and overseeing the management of the forum. The Chairperson selects members for the Steering Committee who can contribute to forum functions and objectives.

      Chairperson details (pdf)

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      Discussion Leader

      Forum Discussion Leaders facilitate discussions among an elite group of industry experts. The Discussion Leader works with the Session Manager to establish advantages and pitfalls of current technologies while garnering constructive evaluation and brainstorming among participants.

      Discussion Leader details (pdf)

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      Forum Liaisons are members of the Forum Series Implementation Committee (FSIC). They are assigned to act as the Forum Liaison of a particular forum. They provide advice and guidance on the process of developing a forum, the guidelines, and best practices gained from his/her experience attending and developing past forums.

      Liaison details (pdf)

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      Forum participants are selected by the Forum Steering Committee, based on qualifications and ability to contribute to discussions. Review currently scheduled forum topics and submit an application to participate.

      Participant details (pdf)

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      Poster Chairperson

      The Forum Poster Chairperson is a Steering Committee member who is assigned to chair the submission and acceptance of posters for the forum, if the display of posters or a poster session is desired. The Poster Chairperson will solicit and review the posters, and manage the poster organization during the forum.

      Poster Chairperson details (pdf)

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      Session Manager

      Session Managers are key members of the Steering Committee who are responsible for selecting effective discussion leaders and establishing the strategy for each session.

      Session Manager details (pdf)

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      The SPE staff manages the forum along with the Steering Committee and the Liaison during the forum planning and implementation phases. They are present at the forum for all on-site logistics, and distribute final documents post-event. Some staff work year-round with the Forum Series Governance Committees.

      Staff details (pdf)

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      Steering Committee

      The Forum Steering Committee establishes the structure of a session based on the content and relevance to other topics during the forum.

      Steering Committee details (pdf)

    How the FSIC selects topics

    Both FSICs meet annually to discuss hot topics for future forums. The committee members brainstorm ideas and narrow down a short list of topics and abstracts are written. The topics are then submitted to the FSCC for their review and approval. This list is submitted to the SPE board for final approval. Topics are planned up to two years in advance.