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SPE Live: Subsurface Analytics – Digital Transformation of Reservoir Mgmt.

3 August 2021 | 0000 CDT [UTC-5]

SPE Live: Subsurface Analytics – Digital Transformation of Reservoir Mgmt.

Join SPE Live for a special series of Distinguished Lecturers—bringing select presentations from the 2020-21 season to members and nonmembers.

Subsurface Analytics is an alternative to traditional reservoir modeling and res. management.

Positively influencing subsurface-related decision-making is the most important contribution of any new technology. Subsurface Analytics is the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) in Reservoir Engineering, Characterization, Modeling, and Management. Applicable to both conventional and unconventional plays, Subsurface Analytics goes far beyond the traditional statistical algorithms that use only production data and fail to take into consideration the important field measurements such as well trajectories, well logs, seismic, core data, PVT, well test, completion, and operational constraints. Subsurface Analytics is the manifestation of Digital Transformation in Reservoir Engineering, Modeling, and Management.

Subsurface Analytics is a new and innovative technology that has been tested and validated in a large number of real-life cases in North and Central America, the North Sea, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. It has been successfully applied in several highly complex mature fields where conventional commercial reservoir simulators were unable to simultaneously history match multiple dynamic variables for a large number of wells. Results and field validations from multiple case studies are included in the presentation.

Subsurface Analytics addresses realistic and useful applications of AI&ML in the upstream Exploration and Production Industry. The technology has been validated and confirmed for (a) prediction of well behavior under different operational conditions, (b) modeling and forecasting pressure and saturation distribution throughout the reservoir, (c) infill well location optimization for both producers and injectors, (d) choke optimization for production improvement, and (e) completion optimization for production enhancement.

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OTC Live: Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy: Establishing an Industry Standard

4 August 2021 | 1000 CDT [UTC-5]

In this OTC Live event, join for a discussion on Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy: Establishing an Industry Standard.

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SPE Tech Talks: Subsea Services Alliance

5 August 2021 | 0900 CDT [UTC-5]

SPE Tech Talks: Subsea Services Alliance In this Tech Talk, join David Carr, Phillip Adam Rice and Matthew Billingham as they discuss industry trends and challenges, what's required to solve them and what specific technologies are required to do so.

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