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Access industry insights from SPE’s virtual conferences, symposiums and workshops on your schedule

From our previously live virtual events, access a collection of on-demand expertise from leaders across multiple disciplines around the globe. Event interactive platforms are available for a limited time. Gain access to the latest industry knowledge delivered directly to your screen.

Events List

20ARI2 image

SPE Virtual Workshop: Untapping Mature Fields Opportunities in Brazil

Access until 14 Apr 2021

20TWID Image

SPE Virtual Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium

Access until 28 Apr 2021

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SPE Virtual Workshop: Decarbonising the Economy - The Future of Carbon Storage

Access until 12 May 2021

21AABD image

Workshop: Sustainability Stewardship - CCUS Opportunities in Global Energy Transition

Access until 28 May 2021


SPE Virtual Workshop: Tracer Technology - Improving Asset Value
Access until 9 June 2021

21DC Image

SPE/IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference and Exhibition

Access until 10 June 2021

21ctwi image

SPE/ICoTA Virtual Well Intervention Conference

Access until 25 June 2021


International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC)

Access until 30 June 2021

21NASS image

SPE North America Student Symposium

Access until 12 Nov 2021

Upcoming Events

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