Deadline Nears To Nominate for HSE, Sustainability Awards

Health, safety, and environment (HSE) is the smallest of the six SPE disciplines, but we like to think we punch above our weight. We certainly have a lot to contribute to regional, section, and chapter-level activities. Indeed, we think that doing so could help attract members and introduce conversations and expertise that the industry is increasingly solicited—our role in society; our contributions to society, wellbeing, and socioeconomic development; and the effects of our operations and variations in standards despite unrelenting efforts to create and sustain best standards everywhere.


Best practice is a topic I want to talk about because it is awards season, time to recognize our best practitioners.

Now is the time to recognize HSE practitioners in your regions, and, this year, please consider who might be eligible for the new Sustainability Award. Might it be an invisible but highly effective community liaison officer? Might it be a research-and-development scientist working on more ecological technologies or technical solutions? Might it be a leader whose vision and practice paves the way for organizational integration of new sustainability factors?

What people don’t know about the oil and gas industry hurts the oil and gas industry. This goes for people outside the industry whose perceptions of extraction, distribution, and use are shaped by the relentless campaign against hydrocarbons, as well as those inside the industry who do not truly realize the value they add to the world. Sami Alnuaim, 2019 SPE president, wants to change the narrative while encouraging the industry as a whole to embrace sustainability.

The SPE Sustainability Award is the first industry award recognizing individuals contributing significantly to advancing industry practice. Making a nomination is quite a commitment, no doubt; it takes time to complete a substantial nomination and pursue supporting recommendations. But it is worth it to recognize the great commitment and expertise of our colleagues around the world.

Please consider who around you meets the criteria and help ensure this new award is a huge success. Do not forget about the annual HSE Awards, where coverage was significantly improved over last year. Let’s build on that and aim for an award in every region.

The awards process is described here. There is no time to lose; nominations close on 15 February for international awards and 1 March for regional awards.

Thank you in advance for the investment of your time and energy in this important annual initiative.

Prepare a nomination here.



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