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Objectives and Deliverables  

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Problem Statement

  • Many academic institutions lack access to quality production data
  • Our industry does not have any generally accepted rate transient analysis examples that are universally referenceable and trusted
  • Those interested in testing proposed methods published in the literature often lack the level of data required to verify or contend the proposed methodology.


To collect data from industry partners that is free from legal encumbrance and make it available for training, research, publishing and development by academia and industry.

The sole stipulation to its use and dissemination is that it is properly referenced when used in an internal/external document or published work. 

Short Term Deliverables/Milestones

  • Collect data sets from key operations in multiple basins that are relevant to industry today
  • Create a Data Repository for use by academics and industry partners
  • Facilitate an SPE sponsored Hack-a-Thon using the data repository to develop new tools and techniques for processing, analyzing and creating workflows in Rate Transient Analysis.

Anonymization Considerations

When data is submitted there are several levels we can implement to honor varying degrees of anonymity, from no anonymizing, to removing clearly identificable indicators, to modifying to a synthetic dataset based on the real data. Level 1 is the lowest level of changes required; Level 5 requires heavy modification prior to publication.

No anonymizing of data required

Location or other clearly identifiable attributes are removed

In addition to Level 2, any chronologically indentifiable indicators are removed

In addition to Level 3, identifying portions of the data are removed and the remaining data is stitched together

In addition to Level 4, the data will be modified to a full synthetic dataset based on the real data

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About BERG

The Bleeding Edge of RTA Group (BERG) was an SPE study group dedicated to promoting the value of Rate Transient Analysis and petroleum engineering. This group consisted of members of academia, industry, and SPE. 

Our goal:  to facilitate the growth of tools, techniques, innovations, and disruptive technologies that promote the field of petroleum engineering and creates value to the companies involved in the extraction of oil and gas commodities.