Research & Development Articles and Papers

White paper

Prepared by the R&D committee, this white paper addresses the need for increased funding of energy research and development.

Technology Tomorrow series

The year-long Tehnology Tomorrow series was published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology beginning in 2006. The SPE R&D Advisory Committee created the series to spark discussion among the entire JPT readership and include ideas that may not be in the current mainstream of thought.

  • Carbon, Hydrogen, and People | February 2006
    Vikram Rao, Vice President, Technology, Halliburton Energy Services
  • The Next Trillion: Anticipating and Enabling Game-Changing Recoveries | April 2006
    Nansen G. Saleri, SPE, Manager, Reservoir Management, Saudi Aramco
  • The Chemistry of Carbon Capture and Storage | June 2006
    Richard Pike, CEO, Royal Soc. of Chemistry
  • Reserves Growth: Torturous and Tortuous | August 2006
    Roy Long, E&P Program Technology Manager, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy
  • Extracting Nanotechnology Benefits for the Oil Industry | November 2006
    Ramanan Krishnamoorti, University of Houston
  • Energy: The Next Biotechnology Challenge | January 2007
    Francesca de Ferra, Technical Manager, R&D Center, Eni Refining and Marketing Div. of San Donato Milanese
  • Technology for a Sustainable Tomorrow | April 2007
    Vik Rao, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Halliburton

Spotlight on R&D series

In 2004, the SPE R&D Advisory Committee presented the Spotlight on R&D series in the pages of the Journal of Petroleum Technology. Every other month, recognized research leaders from academia, government laboratories, and the service and operator sectors highlighted current R&D activities, with a goal of ensuring that R&D's inherent value to the industry received greater attention. The series is free for SPE members, but you will still be required to go through the "checkout" process. The cost is $10 for non-members.