Crossover Technologies Enhance Innovation in Oil Industry

Alain Guenot, senior vice president of Total Exploration and Production in the UAE

The challenges facing the oil and gas industry require crossover technologies from other industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medicine to help drive efficiency, boost productivity, and optimize performance, a summit panel said.

At the recent Chief Technology Officers Summit held in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi International Research and Development Conference and Exhibition, the panelists concurred that while off-the-shelf solutions are often used to solve problems, bespoke in-country research and development (R&D) solutions will become more important in reaching production targets in the coming decades.

The theme of the event was “How Can Innovation From Other Industries Play a Key Role in Enhancing Performance in the Energy Sector?”

Alain Guenot, senior vice president of Total Exploration and Production in the UAE, said Total has established five laboratories covering robotics, big data, nanotechnology, and enhanced oil recovery to develop bespoke R&D solutions. “We also have laboratories that are established only for short periods, a maximum of 2 years, to solve the challenges we face,” he said.

Managing Big Data

A key issue facing the industry is the management of big data, an area of expertise more commonly associated with companies such as Google and Microsoft. “Big data has been a problem in oil and gas, especially in the seismic data, as the whole industry has been involved in trying to manage it properly,” said William Coates, senior vice president of technology and marketing at Schlumberger.

The digitalization of operations has created new challenges in terms of managing and analyzing the seismic data in order to optimize resource extraction, manage well operations, improve reservoir performance, and avoid disruptions.

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Crossover Technologies Enhance Innovation in Oil Industry

Abdelghani Henni, JPT Middle East Editor

01 September 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 9