LULA Exercise Blends Surface and Subsea Responses to Simulated Deepwater Blowout

Fig. 1—SSDI scheme.

To test the improved blowout-response capabilities implemented following the Deepwater Horizon accident, Total organized and ran a large exercise to check the ability to efficiently define, implement, and manage the response to a major oil spill resulting from a subsea blowout, including the mobilization of a new subsea-dispersant-injection (SSDI) device. After a year and a half of preparation, the exercise took place 13–15 November 2013.


The oil-spill-response exercise, code-named LULA, considered a scenario in which a blowout at a water depth of 1,000 ft resulted in an uncontrolled release at 50,000 BOPD. The main objectives of the LULA exercise were

  • To mobilize all the emergency and crisis units in Luanda, Angola; offshore; and in Paris
  • To use all the techniques and technologies available to track an oil slick
  • To mobilize the SSDI kit from Norway to Angola and to deploy it close to the well
  • To deploy all the available oil-spill-response equipment of Total E&P Angola
  • To test the procurement of dispersant and the associated logistics
  • To test the onshore response, including coastal protection, onshore cleanup, oiled-wildlife management, and waste management
This article, written by Special Publications Editor Adam Wilson, contains highlights of paper IPTC 18215, “LULA Exercise: Testing the Oil-Spill Response to a Deep-Sea Blowout, With a Unique Combination of Surface and Subsea Response Techniques,” by C. Michel, L. Cazes, and C. Eygun, Total E&P Angola, and L. Page-Jones and J.-Y. Huet, OTRA, prepared for the 2014 International Petroleum Technology Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 10–12 December. The paper has not been peer reviewed. Copyright 2014 International Petroleum Technology Conference. Reproduced by permission.
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LULA Exercise Blends Surface and Subsea Responses to Simulated Deepwater Blowout

01 August 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 8


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