Safe Handling and Disposal of Nanostructured Materials

Fig. 1—A typical flowchart for handling nanomaterials safely. is a flow chart containing suggested steps to handle nanomaterials safely.

Nanostructured materials are substances that contain at least one dimension in the nanometer-size regime and can include nanoparticulate materials such as quantum dots, nanofibrous materials such as carbon nanotubes, and nanoporous material such as activated carbon. Potential applications of these novel materials in the oil and gas industry include wastewater treatment, antimicrobial additives, and multifunctional coatings. These applications cause concerns regarding safe handling and disposal of the materials. This paper provides a first-hand perspective on the appropriate handling of nanomaterials in a laboratory setting.


After several cycles of technological advances in fields such as polymers, electronics, and the energy sector, the world is currently undergoing a nano revolution, wherein materials with increasingly smaller dimensions are generating considerable interest in the interdisciplinary technology community. Such materials, known as nanomaterials or nanostructured materials, typically have at least one dimension in the nanometer range. These materials have been found to possess many useful properties, such as high strength, high surface area, abrasion resistance, and tunable chemical reactivity. They are currently being researched extensively or actively proposed for related applications in critical realms (e.g., aerospace, defense, medicine) such as aircraft composites, electronic devices, biomedical sensors, and coatings. This trend makes it evident that nanomaterials and nanotechnology, the science and application of such material or the manipulation of material at molecular or atomic scales, are here to stay and will grow in popularity. A wide range of economic institutions worldwide estimate the global market for nano-related products and technologies to be worth currently more than USD 1 trillion.

This article, written by Special Publications Editor Adam Wilson, contains highlights of paper OTC 25975, “Safe Handling and Disposal of Nanostructured Materials,” by Pavan M.V. Raja, SPE, Monica Huynh, and Valery N. Khabashesku, SPE, Baker Hughes, prepared for the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 4–7 May. The paper has not been peer reviewed. Copyright 2015 Offshore Technology Conference. Reproduced by permission.
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Safe Handling and Disposal of Nanostructured Materials

01 August 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 8


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