Azimuthal Deep-Resistivity and Multilateral Technologies in the Orinoco Oil Belt

Fig. 1—The fields located in the Junín block of the Orinoco oil belt have a complex geology that complicates the recovery of heavy oil.

Complex reservoirs in the Junín block of the Orinoco oil belt of eastern Venezuela offer challenges in achieving higher production rates and maximizing extraheavy-oil recovery. Most of the wells in this block were drilled in relatively homogeneous sands with good thickness; however, large extraheavy-oil reserves are trapped in a more geologically and operationally complex deltaic reservoir sand. This paper describes the combined application of multilateral and geosteering technologies to one of these wells and details the results of the application.


To drill in one of the most complex deposits in the Junín block, technological solutions have been provided to position the horizontal path in the best location within the reservoir through the use of geosteering azimuthal deep-­resistivity (ADR) tools to ensure the entire horizontal section is located in a highly productive area, combined with technological solutions to increase the drainage area with a drainage system designed for advanced multilaterals, thereby doubling the drainage area and maximizing well production.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 163538, “The Combined Application of Azimuthal Deep-Resistivity and Multilateral Technologies Maximizes Extraheavy-Oil Recovery and Improves Production Rates in the Junín Block of the Orinoco Oil Belt,” by J. Palermo, R. Gutierrez, J. Ramos, and O. Toledo, PDVSA, and W. Garcia, L. Rondon, D. Cohen, and O. Mendez, Halliburton, prepared for the 2013 SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, 5–7 March.
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Azimuthal Deep-Resistivity and Multilateral Technologies in the Orinoco Oil Belt

01 May 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 5


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