First-Ever Level-4 Multilateral Well in North Kuwait Improves Oil Production

Fig. 1—Milled-window technology with control of window geometry.

The first multilateral well in a North Kuwait field has been drilled recently. The intent is to improve oil production in productive layers subjected to water-coning problems by increasing reservoir exposure with Level-4 multilateral technology. The drilling process used a full suite of logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools, including azimuthal-deep-resistivity (ADR) technologies, to ensure the well path is precisely geosteered within the reservoir boundaries, and density/porosity tools in real time combined with specialized modeling software, to position the well in the best possible reservoir.


Drilling horizontal wells aggressively primarily using inflow-control-device (ICD) completion techniques has been prevalent in North Kuwait fields. Although some multilateral wells had been drilled in other areas, the technology had not yet been adopted in these fields. Following the successful ICD horizontal-well campaign in North Kuwait, the operator decided to implement multilateral drilling techniques in its northern fields. The initial objectives of the well are provided in the complete paper.

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 171792, “First-Ever Level-4 Multilateral Well in North Kuwait Successfully Completed, Improves Oil Production,” by Meshal Al-Khaldy, Abhijit Dutta, Bijan Goswami, and Ali Al-Rashidi, KOC, and Leonque Rondon, Mohamed Warraky, and Mohamed Samie, Halliburton, prepared for the 2014 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, Abu Dhabi, 10–13 November. The paper has not been peer reviewed.
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First-Ever Level-4 Multilateral Well in North Kuwait Improves Oil Production

01 May 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 5


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