A Competency Management Tool for SPE Members

Fig. 1—IHRDC’s Competency Management System.

To meet one of SPE’s strategic priorities, capability development, the Society has partnered with International Human Resource Development Corporation (IHRDC) to offer the SPE Competency Management Tool (CMT) free to its members. The tool can be used to assess the competencies needed to perform specified key technical jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Based on assessment results, the tool will identify competency gaps and help members develop individual learning plans to close these gaps. Learning plans will refer users to SPE training resources, along with resources offered by sister organizations, such as the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), and also to generic course titles reflecting those offered by third-party course providers.

In developing a learning plan, the user will be able to choose priorities for closing competency gaps, select the most appropriate learning resources, and determine the pace at which learning should take place. The SPE CMT will give the user flexibility and a chance to take ownership of his or her professional development. Employers, meanwhile, will benefit from the consistency in skills and improved productivity that their employees are able to achieve.

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A Competency Management Tool for SPE Members

Alok Jain, Asset Management Solutions, and Ken Ogle, IHRDC

01 January 2015

Volume: 67 | Issue: 1


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