An Interview With Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller

Your North America business is doing well. Will that continue to be your focus in the short term?

We are really excited about our business in North America. We have always had significant investment in North America and as we look at the immediate future, it will be the busiest market. It is extremely impactful on many different stages.

Do you see a slowdown in the unconventional business in North America, or do you think it is still on the way up?

I think that North America is going to be very resilient in a $50–55/bbl world. There is a lot of demand for North America resources and I think the speed to market is really relevant and important, particularly as demand increases. Unconventionals can fill that demand most quickly because of the timing more than anything else, which is a real advantage relative to mature fields and particularly deep water.

There is a lot of demand for what we do and I expect that we will be very busy in 2018. The sense I get from the customers is that the outlook is good at current commodity prices. We continue to reduce costs and make more barrels. And that’s how Halliburton spends most of its time—determining how to deliver the lowest cost per BOE.

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An Interview With Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller

John Donnelly, JPT Editor

01 February 2018

Volume: 70 | Issue: 2


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