How Do Oil and Gas Investors Pick Entrepreneurs? Vice Versa?

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Private equity and venture capital firms are just as important to the evolution of the oil and gas industry as the leading operators and service companies. This became evident during the oil price crash when public equity opportunities disappeared and lenders shied away from the industry amid scores of bankruptcies.

Illustrating the point earlier this year was Wil VanLoh, founder and CEO of Quantum Energy Partners, who boasted during the NAPE Global Business Conference that his firm would “look really similar to a superindependent” if it were to aggregate all the companies in which it’s currently investing, which altogether tally 2.3 million net acres, 350,000 BOE/D, and 32 rigs working across the US and Canada.

With the backing of private investment, entrepreneurs who previously worked for companies such as Shell, Anadarko, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and even smaller, lesser known entities have applied their unique skills and ideas to find, develop, and produce the latest generation of prolific oil and gas fields quicker and with less money than ever before. But finding those innovators who are actually capable of turning their dreams into reality is difficult. And when you’re the firm tasked with bearing the financial risk that comes with backing fledgling companies that hope to break into an already volatile industry, you tend be choosy.   

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How Do Oil and Gas Investors Pick Entrepreneurs? Vice Versa?

Matt Zborowski, Technology Writer

01 June 2018

Volume: 70 | Issue: 6


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