ATCE Takes a Bite out of Big Data

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SPE’s Annual Meeting Dives in to Digitization as It Returns to Dallas

Perspectives on big data and scalability will open the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) on 24–26 September in Dallas, with a focus on achieving demonstrable business results.

On 24 September, a panel of speakers at the opening general session will include ATCE Chairperson and 2017 SPE President Janeen Judah; Alisa Choong, executive vice president, technical and competitive information technology, at Shell; Darryl Willis, vice president, oil, gas, and energy, at Google Cloud; Doug Suttles, president and chief executive officer at Encana; and Gavin Rennick, president of software integrated solutions at Schlumberger. They will discuss taking a systems approach to creating a step change in the safety, quality, and efficiency of operations by combining hardware, software, data, and domain expertise seamlessly and collaboratively across geoscience, engineering, drilling, completions, and operations.

As the industry looks for ways to improve safety, increase efficiency, and make better decisions to adjust to the new normal, or “lower for longer” environment, attention is increasingly turning to how data analytics can help. As the capabilities of data analytics grow, so too does the need to understand its full potential power to achieve improved performance in operations and, ultimately, financial performance.

The long-anticipated Big Crew Change reached its zenith in the past few years and appears to be tempered. The current workforce is younger and more digitally capable; but are its skills being fully recognized and integrated to capitalize on today’s more data-intensive industry?

The scalability of data analytics also will be addressed. Given that the industry began with incremental applications across disciplines, the results will be discussed to explore the feasibility of smaller operators or those in developing countries also reaping the rewards of a digitally evolving oil field.

Accelerating the capture of value from the industry’s digital transformation will be highlighted during the Chairperson’s Luncheon on 24 September by speaker Sara Ortwein, ATCE general chairperson and president of XTO Energy.

Critical to this goal is including the people needed to make it all work. Creating successful digital ecosystems will require companies to evolve and adapt to new cultures, skillsets, and mindsets in order to integrate people and technology successfully.

Startups Competition

Emerging technology companies will compete for a portion of $75,000 or more in cash prizes at the Startup Village on 25 September. A partnership between SPE and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University, the Startup Village was introduced last year. An Energy Startup Competition will take place in the morning, during which each competitor will have 5 to 8 minutes to provide information about their company and technology to a group of venture capitalists, angel investors, and industry leaders. In the afternoon, all participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from investors, industry representatives, and veteran entrepreneurs about building startups.

Technical Insights, Awards

Special sessions will focus on training and development beyond education, compressor scrubber challenges, and the next steps that will enable the oil and gas industry to meet an expectation of zero harm.

More than 350 technical presentations will cover all disciplines and global upstream topics, including the early stages of discovery and reservoir characterization and engineering; drilling; completions; production and operation; facilities; field case studies; health, safety, and environment; and digital applications in unconventional and conventional resources.

The Annual Banquet on 25 September will celebrate key successes within SPE and the oil and gas industry as a whole. Outstanding SPE members who have made significant contributions to the industry, including the International Award and Regional Award recipients, will be recognized.

The President’s Luncheon and Annual Meeting of Members on 26 September will showcase 2018 SPE President Darcy Spady’s presentation on new achievements at SPE and upcoming initiatives. Notable volunteers and award-winning SPE Sections also will be recognized, and attendees will have the opportunity to meet SPE Board members and 2019 SPE President Sami Al-Nuaim.

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ATCE Takes a Bite out of Big Data

01 August 2018

Volume: 70 | Issue: 8



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