Cementation Centralizer

Antelope Oil Tool introduced the CentraMax series, a centralizer design that provides enhanced standoff and efficiency in cementing operations. The product also improves safety by allowing the centralizer to pass through tight spots without compromising standoff. The CentraMax is available in two configurations: Standard and Close Tolerance (CT). The CentraMax Standard is a versatile centralizer suited for standard, high-angle, extended-reach, and horizontal wells. Antelope Oil Tool’s engineers have calculated a downhole program to maximize the CentraMax’s standoff capability, which provides low flow-area encroachment. The CentraMax’s ability to be installed directly onto the casing helps manage casing-string changes and eliminates the need to manage and warehouse supplementary inventory. CentraMax CT is Antelope’s line of close-­tolerance, ­single-piece centralizers for centralizing the liner in the wellbore. The CT line includes RT1 and PT1 models that offer different bow geometries, allowing a choice of designs to reduce starting forces in any given well. Both variations are cold-formed and then heat-treated for ultimate durability and are easily installed on-site. The CentraMax is currently in use in both land and offshore applications.

Antelope Oil Tool’s CentraMax centralizers feature maximized standoff capability.



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