Guide Shoe

The HydroGRS guide/reamer shoe from Vertechs is designed to assist in getting the casing to bottom in difficult environments, saving time and overall costs. The shoe has a proven track record of getting casing to bottom in a significantly shorter time when swelling shales, ledges, and washed-out areas are hampering the ability to get casing to total depth successfully. The HydroGRS features an eccentric rotary guide/reamer nose to negotiate the casing string through troublesome hole conditions quickly. The nose is free to rotate as needed to “follow” the hole while running casing but can be rotated with pump pressure to actually ream the hole if necessary. An aluminum nose assists in applications where drilling out is required, whereas a steel-alloy nose is for use in applications where drilling out is not required (carbide hard-facing can be added at customer request). The HydroGRS has a low torque output to minimize the possibility of sidetracking the wellbore while reaming. Internal components are all aluminum alloy and fully drillable when run with the aluminum nose, to allow drilling to continue below the casing shoe after cementing. An optional roller-guide section can reduce friction of the shoe track during casing running. While the HydroGRS features standard L-80 metallurgy, that can vary per customer request.

Vertechs’ HydroGRS guide/reamer shoe reduces time and cost in getting the casing to bottom in difficult environments.



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