Immersion Suit

Hansen Protection’s SeaWind is the first survival suit to be approved for helicopter transport, shipping, and work use. To achieve helicopter-transport approval, the company has had to fit the suit with a lining, and it has to be worn with a SeaLion Europe lifejacket. The SeaAir Emergency Breathing System is integrated in the SeaLion Europe lifejacket. This system makes it possible to start breathing under water. In addition, the suit is equipped with a floating buddy line hook, which is a feature unique to Hansen Protection. SeaWind, made from highly breathable Gore-Tex, is designed for optimal ergonomics and meets the needs of workers so they can move freely without restrictions around their knees or seat, with soft neoprene cuffs at the neck and wrists. The suit weighs less than 2 kg. SeaWind is a dry suit. Waterproof zips under the arms provide ventilation for active workers. In addition, both the hood and gloves can be placed in convenient pockets when working.

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The new SeaWind survival suit from Hansen Protection has been developed to meet extreme situations, including the demanding conditions of working on wind turbines at sea.


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