Extreme-Environment Wiring Devices

Leviton’s Rhino-Hide wiring devices, made to meet a wide range of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards, are the only connectors in their class to carry a true watertight/submersible rating, making them suitable for the wettest environments, including those where plugs and connectors may be subject to immersion in mud or water. The high-performance dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic material used in these plugs and connectors offers superior resistance (as compared with ordinary rubber) to water, chemicals, and ultraviolet exposure for long-lasting performance. Threaded connections make these devices ideal in high-­vibration environments such as drilling and mining operations, while coated-aluminum components provide superior corrosion resistance over bare aluminum, especially in salt-air environments, which extends service life of the device and allows easier installation and removal of threaded components. Nickel-plated brass electrical contacts provide superior electrical performance and corrosion resistance for extended service life. Self-closing lids ensure that the receptacle is always protected and will never “weld” to a threaded connection; the devices also feature an insulated connector-cover lanyard. Prewired wiring modules allow quick and easy installation. The devices are available in seven voltage/amperage configurations.

The family of Rhino-Hide NEMA-rated wiring devices from Leviton.


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