Hydraulic-Instrumentation Product Line

NOV has announced the commercial release of two additions to the MD Totco hydraulic-instrumentation product family. The hydraulic-piston-separator pressure transmitter and the pressure debooster provide customers with a flanged mounting option on a proved instrumentation system. These new products, available in various sizes and configurations, add to the flexibility of installation options to meet a broader range of applications. The 1:1 piston-separator pressure transmitter separates process fluid and gauge fluid while eliminating the lag signal to the gauge. Available in standard and H2S configurations, the transmitter’s simple design allows for easy field overhaul and seal replacement. High fluid capacity compensates for hose expansion associated with extended high-pressure runs. The 4:1 pressure debooster reduces high pressures by 25% for manageable measurement at the gauge, with standard capacities of 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 psi. Reduced output pressures allow for longer hose lengths and enable the operator to maintain distance from the high-pressure process.

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