Comprehensive Drilling-Software Platform

The OneSync software platform from Weatherford is a comprehensive solution for well planning, training, simulation, and operational control that enhances efficiency and connectivity. With three integrated software suites—well planning, simulation, and operations—that enable users to transition across all phases of the well seamlessly, it reduces complexity and cost. The software platform can be combined with many other ­Weatherford drilling technologies and services. When paired with the Microflux control system and the company’s comprehensive managed-pressure-drilling (MPD) services, the software provides additional benefits including improved MPD planning, rig-crew preparedness, real-time decision making, and operational control. The dynamic simulation software allows users to run hypothetical scenarios in the field for MPD operations. A modified version of the same software has been integrated into Maersk Training drilling simulators to provide MPD training for offshore drilling operations. Modular software packages can be selected from the operations suite to address operational needs. When combined with the Microflux control system, the automation-and-control package enhances previous detection and operational-control capabilities. The integrated solution has been deployed successfully during MPD operations in Canada, Brazil, and the North Sea.

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