Conical-Diamond-Element Bit

Smith Bits, a Schlumberger com­pany, introduced the StingBlade conical-­diamond-element bit. StingBlade bits increase run length and rate of penetration (ROP) while delivering improved steering response in directional applications. StingBlade bits use ­Stinger ­conical-diamond elements optimally placed across the bit face. The conical shape of Stinger elements, with improved impact and wear resistance, induces high point loading on the formation, enabling increased run lengths and higher sustained ROP. In directional applications, the new drill bits cut with lower torque than conventional cylindrical cutters and achieve higher build rates with less tool-face variation. StingBlade bits have been tested successfully in more than 300 wells worldwide, both onshore and offshore, in conventional and unconventional applications in North, Central, and South America; the North Sea and Europe; Africa; the Middle East; Russia; Southeast Asia; and Australia. To date, more than 686,000 ft has been drilled worldwide. In a field trial conducted in the offshore Browse basin in Australia, a customer used a StingBlade bit to drill a 12¼-in. vertical section through a formation known to cause premature impact damage to conventional bits. The drill bit exceeded the planned footage interval, increasing interval length by 97% and ROP by 57%, saving the customer more than 5 days of drilling time.

Smith Bits drill bits with Stinger elements across the bit face increase run length and ROP while improving steering in directional applications.



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