Exploration and Development Software

Oil companies interested in choosing smart-well locations and reducing the possibility of borehole failure will ­welcome the launch of the latest module of RokDoc GeoMechanics. RokDoc, the quantitative exploration-and-­development software developed and marketed by Ikon Science, has been in use worldwide since 2001. Since its early beginnings as a 1D/2D rock-­physics-analysis tool, RokDoc has expanded to include many science-rich work flows for cross-discipline integration: rock-­property prediction, reservoir characterization, pore-pressure prediction, reservoir modeling, and, now, ­subsurface-stress analysis. The release of RokDoc Geo­Mechanics provides geoscientists and engineers with a set of easy-to-use, reliable tools that create robust 1D and 3D models of reservoirs and their surrounding formations. Users can model the geomechanical behavior of the subsurface, and they can also incorporate accurate rock-physics and pore-­pressure information. RokDoc GeoMechanics facilitates the accurate prediction of ­reservoir-rock properties and safe mud-weight windows. It can be used to plan well trajectories and provides a trustworthy source of information to evaluate and mitigate the likelihood of wellbore collapse.

Mechanical Earth model in Ikon Science’s RokDoc GeoMechanics program with a corresponding mud-weight window defined in Pressure View.



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