Conductor-Cementing-Support System

It has become increasingly common for operators to install a jacket and batch set the platform conductors so that the topside can be installed at a later date. The operator brings a rig over the jacket and uses it to run a conductor and then to hold the conductor in place while the cement cures. Claxton Engineering Services has developed a new conductor-cementing-support system (CCSS) that has typically saved 12 to 18 hours of rig time per conductor waiting for cement to cure. The Claxton CCSS secures the conductor with a hydraulic jack-and-clamp mechanism that holds the weight of the conductor while the cement cures. This means that the rig no longer has to hold each conductor and can therefore move to the next slot and begin running another conductor. The CCSS has a holding capacity of 135–160 t and is suitable for conductor diameters of 24 to 30 in. However, the design can be scaled to any conductor size on request and the footprint and weight-handling capacity tailored to specific slot or jacket configurations. The new system has a compact design and can be repositioned easily without a crane.

Claxton’s CCSS saves rig time for operators and features custom-design capabilities for size, footprint, and weight-handling capacity.


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