Articulating Rotational Mast

STEP Energy Services introduced the STEP-ARM articulating rotational mast, designed as part of a new coiled-tubing system. The unit was designed to reduce on-site safety risks and increase the efficiency of coiled-tubing operations on multiwell-pad locations, an increasingly common drilling practice. The unit is able to service multiple wells without having to move any equipment, greatly reducing the amount of time required to move from well to well. It also provides increased safety for professionals working on a job site. The reel trailer is designed to carry a maximum payload of coiled tubing on the road. High-strength steel is used extensively in the unit to keep weight down, for road restrictions and regulatory requirements. The injector features an auto-leveling system, and the unit’s dual-boom design features a control system that keeps the booms timed and matched within 10 mm of one another at their tips. Once the three-piece system arrives on location, operators will spot the reel trailer up to the wellhead or multiple wellheads before setting up the STEP-ARM, which passes the injector unit from the back of the reel trailer to the ARM. The ARM lands atop the wellhead.

The STEP-ARM rotational mast from STEP Energy Services allows the servicing of multiple wells without the need to move equipment.


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