Pumping-Solution System

The Moyno Tri-Phaze System is an engineered multiphase pumping solution that transfers fluid containing any combination of gas, liquid, and solids without emulsification for increased efficiency of downstream separation. The Tri-Phaze System allows the fluid produced at the wellsite, including oil, water, gas, and abrasive solid particles, to be transported simultaneously through one pipeline to a central processing station. Its abrasion-resistant pumping elements allow for transfer of sandy fluid without excessive wear. This packaged system represents minimal environmental impact because of its smaller footprint, lower noise emissions, and higher efficiency when compared with alternative technologies. Additional advantages include the efficient handling of gas void fractions up to 95%, a low-shear pumping action that preserves each fluid’s characteristics, and increased oil and gas production on marginal wells by means of decreasing bottomhole pressure. The system can be readily moved from wellsite to wellsite, potentially reducing the number of required systems, while control of the multiphase pumping system can be achieved at the wellsite or remotely. An automation-control package manages operations, records and reports data, and optimizes communications.

The Tri-Phaze pumping-solution system from Moyno.


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