Rigless Technology

Offshore platforms require systems that can safely and efficiently conduct critical well abandonment and late-stage intervention operations to revitalize wells and extend productivity. Weatherford recently introduced the Rig-Free 35/1000 Light-Duty Pulling and Jacking Unit, a cost-effective alternative to rigs and snubbing units. This unit meets American Petroleum Institute 4F specifications and is ideal for conductor removal. The unit uses a range of technologies and resources to address operational challenges. With its small footprint, light weight, and modular design, the unit is easy to transport and is suited for platforms with space and structural limits, and for downgraded, damaged, or nonexistent derricks. The unit has a hydraulically powered telescoping mast that sits directly above the well center and an integrated jacking system and power swivel stand that require no additional rig-up time. With a self-clamping system, the unit can skid from well to well, providing flexibility to accommodate changes in well conditions. A blowout preventer (BOP) is placed under the unit, making it fully compliant with regulatory requirements. When skidding between wells, the BOP can be disconnected and moved with the unit for mobilization efficiency and cost savings.

Weatherford’s Rig-Free Light-Duty Pulling and Jacking Unit pulls 35,000 lbm and jacks 1,000,000 lbm.


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